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Families often find they can no longer meet face to face. We have good reasons; we live apart, we lead busy lives, perhaps there is a global pandemic..

Most of us get on ok, but some get left behind. Did you know that nearly half of older people say that television or pets are their main form of company...

The health benefits of these face-to-face social gatherings are considerable; avoiding loneliness improves health outcomes, lengthens life, and increases wellbeing.

Nothing can replace the real thing, but the real thing is not always possible. huru fills the gaps, helping families re-connect more deeply, support each other’s cognitive wellbeing, and helping older family members stay independent for longer.

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huru can help you stay in touch with family members or friends who are not comfortable using smart phones or laptops.


huru enables voice, text and video messaging as well as video calling.

Using huru, the person receiving the message can choose not to interact with the device at all, they can simply see it played at a chosen time.


This can be transformational for people who lack confidence with technology and many quickly graduate to sending their own messages and exploring other features such as family photo albums or checking the lotto numbers!

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Cognitive Wellbeing

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huru provides an evidence based support system for individuals who are worried about their cognitive wellbeing or that of a loved one.

With our partner Cognifyx, huru is building curated programmes of activities designed to improve your brain health, or that of a loved one.


Join our webinar to learn about keeping your brain healthy or learn more about cognitive wellbeing on our science page.

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Care Support

90+% of older adults in
the UK would rather live
in their own home
than go into care

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The huru system supports carers by providing secure, easy access to important files, contacts and a schedule manager. These tools makes it faster, more secure and easier to interact with other member of the care team.


huru acts as a digital personal assistant, supporting with practical tasks such as automatically turning on or off lights, linking video doorbells or in future, movement sensors, location trackers or fall alarms.

Building familiarity with the system early on for messaging, calling or other tasks makes the gradual adoption of additional care features seamless and much less threatening for an individual receiving care.

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what our early users are saying..

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The grandkids love it, they never used to call, now i am speaking to them directly several times a day. I can read them bedtime stories!

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We love the calendar, everyone in the family can log in and help arrange stuff, my grandmother is now an active part of that, we are talking a lot more about family events and activites and getting her advice on everything from gardening to breast feeding

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huru is really helping me get to grips with technology, i didnt think i could do any of this stuff. I love that my children can show me new things and i just need to be infront of the machine at the right time.

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Factors that help or hinder our cognitive wellbeing

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Good quality sleep is needed for body repair, consolidation of learning and memory, as well as psychological functioning.

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Exercise helps to improve blood flow to the brain, lowers levels of stress hormones and promotes good cardiovascular health.

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Physical Exercise

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Your diet plays a significant role supporting your Brain Health. A healthy balanced diet is recommended by the WHO to reduce cognitive decline.

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Stimulating your brain can create new connections between nerve cells and may even help the brain generate new cells.

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Mental Exercise

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Talking and communicating with other people keeps the mind active, working the memory and stimulating emotions.

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Social Interaction

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High alcohol consumption has a negative impact on mood, relationships and cognitive functioning.

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Excessive alcohol

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Smoking and other drugs are proven to damage not just your body but also your brain function.

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Smoking & drugs

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Untreated sensory loss leads to less stimulation to the brain and decreased social interactions.

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Sensory impairments

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Untreated Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol & Obesity can negatively impact your brain health.

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Health conditions

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